50% OFF YOUR ENERGY COST maybe potentially reduce to 20% of GAS USE IN THE UK/US/EU, if funding for ultra-insulation released at 0.5% Fixed Base plus 1.0% fixed mark-up as fee allowed making 1.5% fixed interest available on the high streets. GREENRWORKS for client and worldwide telephone advice, contractor spot checks, educational visits etc. All this thus short-circuiting the wasteful bureaucratic system, a GreenER Deal. Current go-stop funding allocation systems that only allows piecemeal investments are not the answer.  Thorough overall “envelope” and structural check needed is on offer, if finance adjustment can be made by government.  Rebuild confidence, including long-term bank stability rather the “wordy media and political/economic waffle”. Caught on it’s an EcoBoost.

CO2 COST GLOBALLY is under-priced if future fossil fuel shortages and users’ emission “rights” are considered. Why not invest in ultra-insulation and thus be some of the first into winter-warmth underfloor heat store for US-UK-EU?  Part of the answer to the 2018 IPCC CHALLENGE “society must change to address the threat” Waste not, want not!  Improve the real value of real estate and businesses, long-term. Simply by having warmer walls, windows (super-insulating curtain interliner, inner double glazing “better” than UPVC) and SOLARheatStore for winter-warm floors, condensation-free roof-spaces with natural healthier air-flow and night-time cooling are basics all enabled by effective use of thermal mass IN EXISTING BUILDINGS and WIND-SHIELDING..  Why not play YOUR part:  Take up
the ultra-insulation SURVEY AND DETAILING SYSTEM on offer.  Put pressure on Govt

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